Název oblasti podpory: Socrates Comenius – aktivita 1

Název oblasti podpory: Multilaterální spolupráce škol

Referenční číslo projektu: CA1-00-62

Doba realizace projektu: září 2000 – červen 2003

Partnerské instituce:

  • EKO Gymnázium Poděbrady, Česká republika
  • Bernstorff Gymnasium Satrup, Schleswig – Holstein, Germany
  • Lycee Privée Mixte D´Enseignement Géneral et Technique , Le Longeron, France
  • Sint-Jan Berchmanscollege, Mol, Vlaanderen, Belgium

Pozice: koordinátor projektu

Téma: Healthy Lifestyle


Popis projektu:

At the beginning of the school year 2001/2002 we set the tasks which were needed to be done by the project meeting. Then we have continued in doing the tasks that were set for the whole project time. That is constructing the internet pages of the school and also constructing a special page for Comenius. We have also written some reports about the school life and kept sending them over through E-mail to all the schools. Because we all didn´t manage to do the presentations of each school region from the historical, social and geographical point of view we went working on that as well. Some of us managed to finish it and the information was sent to the other schools to work with it. All the pieces of information can be found on the Comenius school board. After that our project students watched all the videos to assess them. We hope to try some of the exercises and comment them in English. We were preparing some suggestions for the project meeting that took place in Belgium, Mol in December. The school year 2002/2003 activities were carried out in the topic Healthy lifestyle - Selfmanagement where we worked in the field of prevention and the students prepared some products - also through modern media and exchanged their ideas. The activities were prepared in detail at the project meeting in September. At the end of the school year and the project work some students met together and assessed their work in the whole project.

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